I do video-oriented things, combined with, or separately from, an approximation of writing.

I made my first short film at the ripe age of thirty, after retiring from a short but brief career as a lawyer.

Aflutter at the magic of the fluctuating pixel, I threw myself (safely, feet first) into the cinema, or ‘
the industry’, as it’s called in Los Angeles. I hear.

Camera Operator, Stuntman, Property Master. These are just some of the words that I learned.

At some point people started paying me to write scripts for commercial videos, which is good because you can only win $100 by correctly guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar so many times before people get wise to the fact that you’re either a savant or the first cousin of Ron, the guy who runs the Guess-How-Many-Jelly-Beans contest at the local fair.

But commercials aren’t as lucrative as you might think. To round out my income, I keep directing short films and writing screenplays. I also made a web series for Israel’s Public Broadcaster. I know, I’m a total sellout.

But take my word for it - read my Bio.