M A R C   G R E Y

2019 I WEB SERIES I 7 X 6’ Episodes I KAN 11

Erad is a depressed vampire living in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. He’s 300 years old, and not aging gracefully. Erad’s flatmate is Manny, an absurdly positive mortal human -- but even Manny’s optimism is no match for Erad’s bad attitude as he takes on an endless list of rivals that includes an overeager blood donor, a withholding grandmother, and a pedantic werewolf.

Starring: Ori Zeira, Smadar Kilchinsky, 
Dvir Hadad, Shelly Ben Joseph

Director: Marc Grey
Writers: Nitai Gat and Marc Grey
Producer: Aviv Ben Shlush - ZOA Films
DoP: Moshe Mishali
Editor: Yinon Porat
VFX: Adam Albo

Nominated Best Series, Israeli Television Academy