DREKULA (2019)

Web Series
Israel Public Broadcasting Corp (כאן)

Director: Marc Grey
Writers: Nitai Gat and Marc Grey
Creator: Nitai Gat
Producer: Aviv Ben Shlush - ZOA Films
DoP: Moshe Mishali
Editor: Yinon Porat
VFX: Adam Albo
Starring: Ori Zeira, Dvir Hadad, Smadar Kilchinsky, Shelly Ben Joseph

[Hebrew with English subtitles]

Erad is a depressed vampire living in the suburbs of Tel Aviv. He is 300 years old, and not aging gracefully. His flatmate Manny is an absurdly positive mortal human. But even Manny’s optimism is no match for Erad’s bad attitude as he takes on an endless list of rivals that includes an overeager blood donor, a withholding grandmother, and a pedantic werewolf.